Radio for your business

Radio for your business – Myths and FAQ’s

Firstly – BEWARE of any local station saying it reaches ‘millions’ this is likely the population of the area NOT how many listeners it has!  On day one any station starts from zero!

When did Zest start from Zero?

Almost 4 years ago.  We’ve grown every month since launch according to actual verified digital online listening figures. Rajar proportionate DAB listening continues to grow also.

Radio advertising is expensive

It can be, but it isn’t always.  The big corporate groups have nationalised their output for all but a few hours each day.  They are doing well targeting national advertisers.  This has forced the rates up.  In some regions (ours is one of them) independent stations remain.  Local focus not only delivers audience loyalty but much lower rates for local advertisers.

I use social media so I don’t need radio

Are you using social media or is it using you? Of course it is important to have an online presence these days but is social media trusted as a credible source of information?  Do you look ‘small time’ as one of millions? Are you standing out?  Should you use a trusted media like radio to compliment you online?  Use radio as a ‘signpost’ to your online profile.  Use radio to ‘fly the flag’ for your brand putting it top of mind against others.

What is the magic formula for success on radio?

It’s not magic its common sense.  If all the jigsaw pieces are in place success follows.  A key element is gaining ‘trust’.  Let’s say a customer is considering a new kitchen.  They go on-line and search.  There’s a long list of suppliers.  National, regional and local names.  All say they are the best!  Who will they choose?  Often a name that is familiar because that gives a sense of trust.  How do you get ‘familiar’?  Radio works by repetition, last week, last month this customer was NOT yet looking for a kitchen but they were still hearing your ad.  Now it matters to them and your name stands out above the others.

How will my ad sound?

Actually it’s more important to ask how it will look!  Radio ads paint pictures in the imagination.  We all take care making sure our brands ‘look’ right, logos, signage etc. You can have a ‘logo’ in sound too and it can be very powerful.  Think  ‘dah dah dah dat daaah’ if you’re not convinced.

Is Zest on-line only?

No, we are on three high power DAB transmitters across the North West.

Is Zest online?

Yes, you can get us anywhere!  Use our apps or your smart speakers, computer, phone, tablet etc.

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