When any new station launches it has ZERO listeners!  It takes time to build an audience.  That was Zest almost 4 years ago!  We have grown every month, ever since launch.  Our listeners love us and our advertisers are happy.  Radio is ‘word of mouth’ – let’s talk!

Qualifications: The Zest team have launched multiple familiar name stations, some now National.  Again, nothing to lose, let’s talk! There are other upcoming changes in ‘audio’ promotion and radio licencing  that have strong potential benefits for you.

STAND OUT and let’s speak your local customers as friends! Let’s paint your ‘picture’ in sound. Let’s support each other?  Every radio ad is ‘full colour/full page’. Radio generates ‘trust’ through familiarity – did you ever buy from someone you didn’t trust?

No long term contract

Limited places

Low rate

Listening at all-time high


Radio works on repetition. Your message can be heard TENS of thousands of times per day.  We’re happy to share our online, digital and smart speaker listener session figures with you.  We can also share our DAB radio listener figures according to RAJAR proportions. 

Other options available of course, we’re here to do what’s right for you – let’s talk?

Example Schedule  

62% of our listeners are 25-44. Using Centova Digital Tracking we can tell you how many listening sessions we have daily – we measure actual real time listening.  So our figures are not based on a survey of awareness but actual listening.

We’re just like you and we are ‘on your side’. Unlike many stations Zest is independent and broadcasts from Liverpool to the North West.  Many ‘local’ stations now network from London, Manchester and other locations.  You can hear Zest on DAB radio, online, mobile and smart speakers.

Zest began broadcasting in April 2017 and continues to grow audience. Recently while the others cut back we’ve added even more locally produced shows to our output.


  • Trust: radio is the most trusted medium in the UK
  • Reach: we reach hundreds of thousands every month on DAB, Smart Speakers and mobiles.
  • 45% of home workers and 32% of key workers have been listening more to commercial radio since lockdown early in 2020.
  • Businesses that advertise during a recession tend to reach more people at a lower cost and build brand resilience.

You can listen to 4 examples of our on-air action messages here:


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