Businesses TRUST Local, Local, Local! Radio is TRUSTED


If you’d rather listen to radio from Liverpool than national radio from Manchester and London share #zestnorthwest with as many people as possible now!

There are loads of ways to listen to Zest…

> On DAB Radio across our area

Tune in details on the link above

~ On this website

> On Alexa

Enable the skill and say “Alexa, play Zest radio”

> On Google Home/Nest

Enable the skill and say “OK Google, play Zest” or “Zest radio” It shouldn’t take long to find us!

You can also download our apps:

(Whilst we’re flattered our apps have ‘copy cat’ versions please use these links to ensure you get the official versions)

Plus even more ways to ‘get on Zest’ like using ‘Radioline’ on Virgin TV, ‘Tune-in’ and countless more portals.

If all else fails just search ‘Zest Radio’.

For three years now Zest has been your independent option. We’re not a big corporate network. We’re Zest, from Liverpool for the North West.  Share us, we are a growing family  who don’t accept 2 hours a day locally from the others!  We are 24/7!

Where are you?

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